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Guide rail TOK series

Tsurumi carries a variety of guide rail sets. In this issue, we would like to introduce you to one of them, the TOK series.

Although VANCS and small cast iron pumps are of the freestanding type, they can be changed to the guide rail type by using TOK series. The main parts of the TOK series are made of a special type of plastic to ensure durability and rust resistance.


There are 4 models in the TOK series, and the applicable models are listed below.



The difference between TOK-4A and TOK-4P is the way of hanging. The VANCS handle has a hole for the chain to pass through, but the cast iron pump handle does not have that hole, so the handle is removed and replaced with 2 eyebolts.

Also, the difference between TOK2-65 and TOK2-65T is the size of the chain.



Furthermore, TOK series is equipped with Tsurumi's innovative auto-retracting rubber sleeve. The rubber sleeve ensures stable pump engagement and high water sealing performance.



Since the companion flange removed from the pump is used, the piping method and discharge size are the same as the original pump. For more information, please contact us @ 64429442.